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Lien and the Notarial Central Register of Liens (NCRL)

  1. We provide full legal counselling regarding right of lien
  2. We can prepare the contract on establishing lien in the form of a notarial deed
  3. We can make registration at the Notarial Central Register of Right of Liens

The Civil Code prescribes that the establishment of a lien requires registration at the Notarial Central Register of Liens, unless otherwise provided by the law. This means that unless substantive law prescribes otherwise, lien can be established only upon entry to the register. In practice we most often deal with registration of liens to tangible things or even liens to claims from accounts.

Application for registration of a lien is filed directly at any notary based on a written contract by the debtor, in other cases by the creditor. If lien is established upon decision of a court or an administrative body, registration is made based on decision of the competent court or administrative body that established right of lien.

Based on application of the entitled person the notary performs registration of the following at the Notarial Central Register of Liens:

  1. right of lien
  2. modification of data
  3. start of exercising of the right of lien
  4. cancellation of the right of lien

This register is available to the public at the page of the Slovak Chamber of Notaries (Notárska komora SR) www.notar.sk.

Lien contract can be drawn up in the form of a notarial deed that is a public document and as such is a powerful instrument of proof in case of a dispute.

Necessary documents:

  • Valid identification document of the parties, and/or the applicant - e.g. ID card, passport, permit for long-term stay of foreign nationals (driver's license , police confirmation on ID card hand-over and application for the issuance of a new ID card, health insurance card do not serve as identity cards)
  • Up-to-date Extract from the Companies Register in case of a legal entity (provided by us)
  • In case want to perform only registration, contract on establishment of the right of lien