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Transfer of Real Estate

  1. We provide full legal counselling regarding transfer and acquisition of real estate
  2. We can draw up the contract on transfer of real estate (sale, donation, exchange contract) in the form of a notarial deed
  3. In connection with drawing up a contract on transfer of real estate, in case of need we can prepare the contract on establishment or cancellation of easement (e.g. easement in the form of lifelong right of habitation, crossing through the land etc.)
  4. We are offering you the option to deposit and pay the purchase price by means of a notarial escrow
  5. We can prepare and submit the application for entry of ownership right to the Cadastral (Land) Register. There is no need to go to the Land Register, to buy fee stamps, we can arrange it all for you
  6. This saving you more than 50 percent of the administrative fee
  7. Deadline for the Land Register for granting entry based on contract drawn up by a notary is considerably shorter, i.e. 20 days.

Whether it is the case of acquiring a family house, a flat, or business premises, it means a big investment that most of us experience only a few times in our lives and thus the legal issues of real estate transfer must be arranged to its more exact details.

The notary is a professional in real estate law and thus guarantees professional level in drawing up relevant contracts and materials necessary for the transfer.

The notary - in addition to drawing up the contract itself - investigates ownership relations to real estate, and is responsible for proving identity of parties, performs an error-free legal act and ensures the entry at the registry of real estate.

The notary can ensure assurance of financial means through notarial escrow in order to pay the purchase price to the seller after the new owner of the real estate is registered at the Land Register.

In contrary to contracts that are written by estate agencies, attorneys or the parties a contract on transfer of real estate written as a notarial deed is a public document and as such is a powerful proper evidence in case of a court procedure.

The notary is fully responsible for the contract and the Land Register is not entitled to examine it (except for examining if it is in harmony with the cadastral operate/map). A contract written in the form of a notarial deed shall be registered at the Cadastral Register within a shorter time, not later than within 20 days, in contrast with the regular contract that shall be permitted within 30 days.

In case of filing an application for entry to the Land Register electronically, the law enables to decrease administrative fee of the application from EUR66 to EUR18. Thus the notary saves EUR48 for his clients per each act.

Necessary documents:

  1. Valid identification document - e.g. ID card, passport, permit for long-term stay of foreign nationals (driver's license , police confirmation on ID card hand-over and application for the issuance of a new ID card, health insurance card do not serve as identity cards)
  2. Up-to-date Extract from the Companies Register if the party is a legal entity (provided by us)
  3. Document proving ownership to real estate (Ownership Certificate, court decisions etc.)